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Lewis Tooker Hutton III

Lewis Tooker Hutton III (b. October 31, 1944 - ) is the son of Lewis Tooker Hutton II. and Marie Riker.

Lewis T. Hutton III with his Mother Marie Riker [Hutton]

Marie Riker Hutton at Lake Hopatcong, NJ

Marie Riker [Hutton] as remembered by Mary Emily Betancourt [Hutton]
Marie Riker [Hutton]'s daughter-in-law sent this biography of Marie Riker on January 16, 2010.

Marie was born May 31 1914 in Lake Hopatcong New Jersey. Her parents were Stanley and Viola Riker. Marie attended grammar school in a one room school house all classes included.

She attended several years of high school before quitting against her fathers wishes.

She worked in Patterson, New Jersey, I believe in a factory, staying with family friends and came home on the weekends.

She liked the city of Patterson but also enjoyed the recreation that Lake Hopatcong offered. Marie was an attractive woman who did not enter beauty contest but the one she did she won. She wore the title of Miss Sparta Lake.

As time went on World War II raged and she got a job at Picatinny Arsenal (a munitions plant) where she met Lewis T Hutton II who was employed there as a fireman. They fell in love and got married Feb 28th 1943. They bought a house in Rockaway, New Jersey and set up home.

In 1944 Little Lewis T Hutton III was born. Lewis II joined the Navy as a Shore Patrolman drawing on his civilian job as a Policeman.

They wrote daily to each other until the war was over and Lewis came home.

All, however, was not well and they separated and finally divorced. Marie and little Lew III then went to live with her father and mother in Rockaway.

Marie had a full and good life but never did marry again. She worked at Austenal in the shipping department and at RCA Records both located in Rockaway. Marie worked all her life supporting herself and little Lew. At her father and mothers home every Friday night it seemed like the whole clan would show. Socializing and playing cards.

The old three family house they called home caught fire due to the next door neighbors carelessness with an iron.  Marie and her single brother Roy were at this time taking care of their mother who was impaired with hardening of the arteries. Grandma passed away a few months later. Left alone with no where to go Marie and Roy brought a home in Rockaway, where every Friday the large Riker clan gathered to continue life’s party. Who ever was there at supper time was treated to a large and sumptuous meal. There she lived the rest of her

While not wealthy Marie liked to enjoy herself going with friends to the Copa Cabana, and Las Vegas.

Seeing her son, his wife and her extended family gave her great pleasure. Marie passed away on Valentines day 1990 at the age of 74.

Marie and Lew II on Wedding day, Feb 28th 1943, with her sister (Hazel) and brother (June)

Marie Riker Hutton with Lewis III

Lewis III at 3 yrs

Lewis III at 7

Lewis T. Hutton III writes: Here is a picture of me and my dog Shep. It was taken on my 65th birthday. I was a "Halloween baby", Born October 31 1944. I did not go straight to college after high school, in fact, I did not go until I met Mary at age 23. Then I went part time at night working during the day some times two jobs. I did earn an associates degree in Liberal Arts at the County College of Morris with the intention of becoming a Physical Education Teacher. I then transferred to Montclair State College. I had a successful fulltime semester in Phys Ed but when I started the next semester the gas crunch came and I had a fairly long ride to Montclair while still working fulltime at various jobs like a postman. I found I could not keep it up. I then obtained a job at International Paper Company in the mailroom. From there I saw a clear path into Information Technology and never looked back. I eventually became a Software Programmer and worked for International Paper, Dunn and Bradstreet and currently Selective Insurance Co.

He married Mary E. Betancourt on November 8, 1970. Photo from Lew.

Mary writes, Jan 16, 2010:
Dear Joan and Joshua,
I'm so happy you and Lew have found each other. Throughout the years Lew has wondered about you and made attempts at finding you. He had always hoped you would find him.
To tell you a little about myself I was born in the Bronx on December 30, 1948. My parents, Carlos & Maria Betancourt, came to the States from Puerto Rico in 1946 with my brother Carlos Jr. and sister Nilsa, They proceeded to have my brother, Herberto, in 1946, myself in 1948 and my sister, Wanda, in 1950.
After several years of working two or three jobs and commuting to and from Picatinny Arsenal, a (Research & Development Munitions Plant) and large employer in the area, my father in 1960 was finally able to move the family from the South Bronx to Dover, New Jersey where Picatinny is located. One of many reasons he and my Mother have always been my heroes.
One of my fondest childhood memories are my Beatlemanic days. I attended both Shea Stadium concerts and, in fact, am in video clips hanging from the fence and screaming for George. I still have my tickets! ....Just part of my Hippy Dippy days.

I graduated from Dover High in 1967 and two weeks later began working at Picatinny making travel reservations for employees and military personal stationed there.

[A recent (2009) picture of Mary Emily Betancourt [Hutton]]
I met Lewis in 1968 when I was 19 years old. We were married on November 8, 1970. Unfortunately, about five months later I was diagnosed with acute rheumatoid arthritis. Since then, I've had surgeries to replace both knees, an elbow, an ankle, knuckles and numerous bone fusions including wrists, toes and neck.
I did manage to acquire my Liberal Arts degree, and worked as a secretary at St. Clare's Hospital and at the Rockaway Public library as assistant librarian. We traveled to Europe and because my family (before finally settling in Florida) lived in several states I traveled much of the US until it all became too much. I was doing more harm than good to myself and had to learn to accept my limitations. I've learned to balance my life with the help of the "Serenity Prayer"
"God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference."
I'm so thankful for Lew. Everything I've had to go thru he has also. Early in our marriage I tried to set him free from this burden. But he wouldn't leave and convinced me that he wasn't staying due to pity or duty but because he loved me and with me is where he wanted to be.

My life has not been tragic at all. And, although RA is a horrifically painful and debilitating disease it's because of Lewis and my wonderful family and friends I've been living a very full and joyful life.
I've enjoyed the blog and e-mail exchanges you've both had with Lew and hope to exchange e-mails with you both as well.
My Fondest Regards, Mary

Lewis writes Jan. 2010 (click on photo to see it full size): "Enclosed is a picture of my championship team and trophy this last summer. I am bending down next to the trophy without a hat, just look for a Hutton Looking guy. Two of my second cousins are also in the picture: cousin Johnny (47), top row third from left, and cousin Mike Ferrone (45), second row extreme right. Mike’s two sons are in front of him. They are near my Landis Nephews age and if we all lived near each other maybe Josh, Chris and Ethan would also be on my team.

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